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Infrared Viewer

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FJW Optical Systems (5FJW004) FJW Optical Systems (5FJW004)
FIND-R-SCOPE Model 84499A 350-1350nnm.

FJW is the world leading manufacturer of Infrared Viewers, use the FIND-R-SCOPE® to see Invisible Infrared & UV light.

The FIND-R-SCOPE is a self contained, hand-held infrared viewer operating in the near-infrared range of the spectrum. A high resolution image converter tube, and high voltage power supply combine with precision optics to permit a clear view of objects or images which could not otherwise be seen by the naked eye. The FIND-R-SCOPE has a wide variety of applications in many different industries, particularly when used with the available accessories.

The close-up lens allows for viewing within 2" to align and verify fiber optic sources. IR filters increase the signal-to-noise ratio by blocking visible light when inspecting infrared emitting diodes, aligning laser systems and examining art and other historic documents. Other applications include low light surveillance, biological research, hot-spot, observation, clinical medicine and - amongst others - viewing in photographic darkrooms.

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Online Catalogue | Laser Measurement & Diagnostics |  Infrared Viewer