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Case Studies

Interested in finding out more about how we work? You can read some case studies about some of the projects we have worked on across photonics, industrial lasers and 3D printing below.


September 22, 2015

Laser Lines

Laser Cutting Moulds the Future

A specialist precision moulding company, producing high quality interior and exterior automotive trim, has improved its output with the addition of Synrad CO2 lasers within the injection moulding cells. Each cell contains two Synrad CO2 lasers one is used for cutting off the moulding sprues and the other is used to mark manufacture dates directly … Continue reading Laser Cutting Moulds the Future


Category: Industrial Lasers


September 15, 2015

Laser Lines

Traditional Tooling v 3D Printing

Peak Group Delivers 3D Printed “Shop Floor-ready” parts in record time Better Designed and Faster Time To Market – how investing in a FORTUS 360 has increased production capacity for The Peak Group by 3D printing high quality “impossible parts” and making substantial time savings The Customer: The Peak Group is a proven manufacturer of … Continue reading Traditional Tooling v 3D Printing


Peak group with Fortus 360
Category: 3D Printing


August 3, 2015

Laser Lines

A Fully CE Marked Catheter Laser Welder

Wellspring engineers have 20 plus years of experience in medical device manufacture and related product & process development. They manufacture custom laser welding systems for use in medical device manufacture and offer laser welding solutions to their customers across a range of industries. In particular, their engineers have extensive experience of laser welding polymers which … Continue reading A Fully CE Marked Catheter Laser Welder


CE Marked Catheter
Category: Industrial Lasers


July 10, 2015

Laser Lines

Laser Welding of Jewellery – Bring Your Own Gold!

With laser welding the ability to work on extremely small details makes the technology ideal for Jewellers and Goldsmiths. It is far easier, quicker and cleaner than using conventional methods of soldering, welding and fusing – and with much better results consistently achieved. In contrast to normal soldering techniques or conventional gas welding, a homogeneous … Continue reading Laser Welding of Jewellery – Bring Your Own Gold!


Category: Industrial Lasers


June 22, 2015

Laser Lines

Laser Lines in with a Flyer

Dantech Ltd is a leading supplier of security marking stencils and labels. Each order is customised with customers own unique details and the company faced the challenge to make each order quickly and cost effective. Having previously used a mechanical machine to stamp out stencils Dantech looked for a fast and easy way to produce these … Continue reading Laser Lines in with a Flyer


Category: Industrial Lasers
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