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December 16, 2016

Dan Cort

Haas LTI BWA CAM laser beam diagnostics

Haas LTI Laser Beam Diagnostics helps improve efficiency

Dan Cort, technical sales engineer in our Photonics division, looks at the benefits of Laser Beam Diagnostics from Haas LTI

One of the newer additions to the Laser Lines partner network is New Jersey-based Haas Laser Technologies Inc (Haas LTI). Experts at designing and manufacturing custom laser beam delivery components for all types of laser applications, Haas LTI is recognised as an innovative technology leader, providing a huge selection of components.

One area of Haas LTI expertise is in the realm of Laser Beam Diagnostics, an area which led to the formation of a partnership with Laser Lines earlier this year.

Great for diagnostics

In every laser application, the laser beam profile provides valuable information that can help ensure it is used efficiently. By monitoring the beam’s spatial profile, circularity, centroid, astigmatism and M2 values, users have the information they need to spot any potential problems with the laser.

For more and more of our customers, optimising laser efficiency is a top priority. For these people, any technologies that help to increase quality and process reliability and reduce scrap are very appealing. Haas LTI Laser Beam Diagnostics solutions have market-leading levels of accuracy that help our customers to achieve new levels of productivity and minimal downtime.

Our solution

The Haas LTI Laser Beam Analyser System is a modular design which includes software, cameras, beam reduction optics, attenuation modules and filters. This enables real time laser beam diagnostics, from low to high power CW and pulsed lasers, providing both near-field and far-field measurement, analysis and monitoring. The omission of any moving components, means fewer opportunities for system failure.

The information going back to the user is made more valuable by the accessible, easy-to-understand format in which it is presented. Results can be viewed in tabular form, with visualisation windows including X and Y axis plots, a 3D view of the beam, histograms and database reports.

Tailor-made for you

It is not just Haas LTI’s commitment to providing the best technology that made it the partner of choice for Laser Lines. What both businesses have in common is the desire to ensure customers choose the right solution to suit their specific needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

The combination of Haas LTI’s technological expertise and Laser Lines’ comprehensive knowledge and experience of the UK Photonics industry means that customers can be guaranteed of the right Laser Beam Diagnostics solution every time.

For more information on how we can help with your Laser Beam Diagnostics requirements, contact Dan or one of the Laser Lines team on 01295 672588 or          

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