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DPSS Laser: The Company

DPSS Lasers Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high power, short wavelength, solid state
lasers. Superior reliability, unparalleled performance and world-class customer care are key elements in their continued success. DPSS offers low-cost lasers and system solutions to a wide variety of industrial, scientific and research applications.

In its ongoing tradition of leading the market in progressive technology, DPSS Lasers continues to invest in new technologies and system designs to broaden the range of lasers available to their customers. They believe that solid state laser technologies can access opportunities in a wide range of manufacturing and other processes that have been inaccessible to date because of the relative inefficiency and poor reliability of conventional short wavelength laser technologies.

  • Series 3500 quasi-cw lasers are widely used as a replacement for short wavelength CW Argon-ion lasers, in such applications as rapid prototyping or molecular uncaging.
  • Series 3500 high power lasers, with an order of magnitude more peak power than the quasi-cw systems, are used in micro-machining of thin film materials for electronic and medical device markets.
The current product line includes the Series 3500 laser (patent # 6,002,695), which is typically optimized for either near cw (very high repetition rate), or high peak power operation, depending on the user's application.

DPSS Lasers was originally established as a DPSS Laser group within LiCONiX. They began operating as a separate, privately held company in September 1998 with an accomplished team of engineers, scientists and a field-proven, high power DPSS laser already in production. Their Series 3500 model was the first UV laser on the market to achieve powers over 3 Watts. It has already won several industry awards for innovation and DPSS has firmly established ourselves as the world's leading supplier of quasi-cw 355nm solid state lasers.

Their lasers offer the best of both worlds; the proven advantages of solid state architecture fused with the latest advancements in Micro-technology.





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