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About Photonics Industries

Photonics Industries is the pioneer of intra-cavity solid-state harmonic lasers. Since its first high power green harmonic laser was introduced back in 1993, Photonics Industries has been creating the development history of harmonic solid-state lasers, especially Q-switched intra-cavity harmonic lasers, with the focus on their industrial applications. Photonics Industries received Best New Product Award from CLEO and Laser Focus World Finalist of Commercial Technology Achievement in 2000.

Photonics Industries provides all kinds of nanosecond lasers (IR lasers, Green lasers, UV lasers, Deep UV lasers), picosecond lasers, tunable lasers (Ti:sapphire lasers, OPO lasers), holography lasers, pulse diode-pumped lasers and accessories to industrial and scientific customers. Our broad array of products and services are designed to provide state-of-the-art laser solutions for a wide range of leading edge applied engineering and research applications. Photonics Industries has a strong commitment to continuous product improvements to keep up with today's highest demanding technology markets.

Founded in January 1993, Photonics Industries International, Inc. pioneered in high efficiency intra-cavity Q-switched, harmonic solid-state lasers, with focus on intra-cavity ultraviolet solid-state lasers, including diode pumped Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF and Nd:YVO 4 lasers. The company was started with the mission to develop technologies that made solid-state lasers to emit visible and ultraviolet wavelength beams, with reliability and efficiency as good as its fundamental counterpart for industrial and scientific applications. Since the introduction of its original second harmonic Nd:YLF laser operated at >20mJ/pulse @ 1kHz 527nm in 1993, Photonics Industries has been creating the development history of intra-cavity harmonic solid-state lasers:

  • 1993 - Shipped First Lamp Pumped Green Laser GM30-527
  • 1994 - 20 Watts TEM mode @ 527nm at kHz range from Nd:YLF
  • 1996 - 10 Watts TEM mode UV power @ 351nm Nd:YAG/YLF
  • 1997 - 15 Watts TEM mode UV power @ 351nm from Nd:YLF
  • 1998 - 5 Watts TEM mode 355 nm Diode Pumped
  • 1998 - 4 Watts TEM mode UV power @ 263nm at 3kHz from Nd:YLF
  • 1998 - 8 Watts TEM mode UV power @ 263nm at 3kHz from Nd:YLF
  • 1999 - 8 Watts TEM 00 mode UV power @ 263nm at 3kHz from Nd:YLF
  • 1999 - 10W TEM 00 Mode 355nm Diode Pumped
  • 2000 - Received Best New Product Award from CLEO2000
  • 2000 - Laser Focus World Finalist of Commercial Technology Achievement
  • 2001 - Patented intra-cavity high repetition rate OPO
  • 2001 - Single Longitudinal Lasers Introduced
  • 2002 - Air cooled, compact DC Series laser
  • 2002 - Diode Pumped Compact and Multimode DM30 30mJ/Pulse
  • 2003 - DM40 to 40 mJ/Pulse @1kHz
  • 2003 - >2mJ/p @1kHz Eye Safe Wavelength laser developed
  • 2004 - 100 Watts TEM mode IR Nd:YAG
  • 2004 - 25 Watts TEM mode @ 355nm @ 50kHz from Nd:YVO 4
  • 2004 - 50mJ/pulse 527nm @ kHz from Nd:YLF
  • 2005 - >20 Watts @355nm @50kHz (2004)
  • 2006 - 120 Watts of Diffraction Limited Mode at 10kHz

Today, Photonics Industries has an unchallenged technological leadership position with over 20 granted patents (a number of pending patents) and a broad product line in a wide range of output power levels of Q-switched solid-state harmonic lasers. The DS and DC Series of TEM 00 mode solid-state Q-switched lasers, the DM series of multi-mode Q-switched green lasers, as well as our SLM Series Single Longitudinal Mode DPSS Lasers are available in IR, Green, UV, and Deep UV wavelengths, and our TU Series with a patented Ti:Sapphire platform. Photonics Industries is always ready to customize its products to meet even the most challenging requirements for design, performance, reliability and total system package.




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