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November 6, 2015

Laser Lines

Laser Lines partners with DEMAND to help transform lives

Laser Lines is proud to announce that it is partnering with DEMAND, a fantastic charity that modifies disability aids to better tailor them to an individual’s needs.

Often the charity finds that equipment supplied by the NHS or purchased privately is unsuitable for use due to a person’s height or other factors relating to the environment they live in. The NHS doesn’t have facilities to make adaptations to the standard equipment they provide.  If there is no alternative or a more suitable piece of equipment can be found, then often people have to make do.

Lynette Smith, designer at DEMAND explains: “Where a suitable version of equipment already exists, it’s much cheaper to buy it off the shelf and adapt it, than for us to invest our valuable resources designing and making a copy. If we use our expertise to adapt existing pieces of equipment by replacing or modifying only the parts necessary, we can use our resources efficiently and help more people.”

Ralph Wilkin, managing director at Laser Lines, says: “DEMAND does some great work and with very limited resources. We are hoping in the future, we will be able to work more closely with its design team to help them create and make bespoke parts using 3D printing.”

“This is a perfect fit for Laser Lines as this is the type of work we have been doing with other commercial customers in this space for the past two decades, and this time it’s for an excellent cause.”

Making adaptations to equipment is a huge part of DEMAND’s work, and helps many more people to live active and independent everyday lives. You can find out more about the charity and the work it does in this video

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