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Diode Lasers

Diode LasersDiode lasers are used in a wide range of applications thanks to their high reliability and robust industrial design, including DPSS and fibre laser pumping, alignment, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and DNA sequencing in the Life Sciences arena; and ultrasonics, quantum optics and dynamic light scattering in scientific institutions.

Our customers choose a diode laser if, for example, they needed a pump source for a fibre laser they are were designing. The main advantage of a diode laser is that they offer the highest power per cost ratio of any type of laser. nLIGHT fibre coupled single emitter Pearl and element diodes are the perfect example of such a laser.

Our range

CW DPSS & Diode Modules

Cobolt high performance laserHigh performance CW and modulated lasers in the UV-visible-NIR spectrum, as well as Q-switched pulsed lasers, Mid-IR sources and options and solutions for light engine integration, from Cobolt. The 04-01 series has compact and low noise single longitudinal mode CW DPSS lasers from 457-1064 nm, CW power up to 400 mW; the 05-01 series offers single frequency and high power ultra-low noise DPSS lasers from 355-1064 nm, CW power up to 3W; and the 06-01 series are ultra-compact plug-and-play diode & DPSS lasers of 405-660 nm up to 250 mW, with integrated electronics.

Fibre Coupled Diode Lasers

nLight PearlOptimised for industrial applications, nLight Corporation’s Pearl and element lasers deliver industrial-grade laser performance and control in all full-function turn-key system with unparalleled reliability. Their fast modulation rates, high reliability and robust industrial design make them the perfect tool for many industrial applications.

Image of nLight High Power OEM DiodeIn addition, we partner with nLIGHT to supply high-power OEM diodes up to 2kW for customer-specific solutions.

Custom laser modules

We also welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to create bespoke low power laser modules up to 600mW with the expertise of Diode Laser Concepts.

If you think diode lasers might be just the job for your application, talk to our dedicated laser experts on 01295 672588 or send them an email at

Diode lasers offer the highest power per cost ratio of any type of laser and are used in a wide range of applications


Industrial Lasers

With a low initial payment and various terms available, leasing can help you acquire the best equipment for your business rather than what your cash resources dictate

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