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Ultrafast Lasers

Laser Lines supplies ultrafast lasers – used by our customers in spectroscopy and sensing, microscopy, molecular dynamics and optics – from KMLabs, established in 1994 by Professor Margaret M. Murnane and Professor Henry C. Kapteyn.

Their research in the early 1990s resulted in the development of the first robust and repeatable mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser capable of generating <10fs light pulses. Realising that this device could make ultrafast technology accessible to non-experts for a multitude of applications, Murnane and Kapteyn published a step-by-step guide explaining how-to build the laser, and founded KMLabs in 1994.

Our range

Ti:Sapphire Oscillators

KMLabs Griffin and Halcyon are robust turn-key and versatile oscillators for research applications in medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. They include user-adjustable bandwidth and centre wavelength with customer control enabled by the prism-based dispersion compensation inherent to their design. Computerised control of the intra-cavity prisms means customers can control their laser with the click of a mouse.

Ti:Sapphire Amplifiers

KMLabs Wyvern/Red Wyvern, and Dragon/Red Dragon family of amplifiers offers a series of single-stage solutions and some of the industry’s highest power kHz class Ti:sapphire lasers in the market today. The short pulses, high energy and excellent spatial profile provided by KMLabs patented Cryo cooled amplifiers are developed to remove limitations on your project and let you control the specs.

Fibre Lasers

KMLabs Y-Fi ultrafast lasers are based on rare earth-doped optical fibre – in this case Ytterbium fibre. The design is based on patented All Normal Dispersion (ANDi) ultrafast fibre technology, licensed from Cornell University. The combination of pulse energy, high repetition rate and ~150fs pulse width enables exciting new applications in ultrafast microscopy, micro-machining, mid-IR conversion in conjunction with an OPO, supercontinuum generation, laser surgery and ophthalmology.

For more details about ultrafast lasers and what they can do for your application, speak to our laser experts on 01295 672588 or send them an email at

Ultrafast lasers are used in spectroscopy and sensing, microscopy, molecular dynamics and optics


Industrial Lasers

With a low initial payment and various terms available, leasing can help you acquire the best equipment for your business rather than what your cash resources dictate

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