Dot peen systems are ideal for deep and scratch marking

By 1st February 2017Industrial Lasers

Business development manager Chris Ogden looks at why more businesses are turning to dot peen systems to get optimum results in minimal time.

Two applications that customers are using our new dot peen systems for are deep marking and scratch marking. Dot peen systems offer massive benefits and achieve outstanding results with considerable efficiency savings.

When compared to traditional methods that use a ‘punch and hammer’, expensive milling machines or deep engraving systems, the right dot peen system can achieve very deep, high quality inscriptions at superfast speeds.

How it works

Deep marking and scratch marking can be used when manufacturing parts that may be galvanised, painted or coated, or when the most durable mark is required. This requires a deeper mark that can withstand tick coating processes and still remain visible.

Deep marking utiliises ruggedly engineered marking heads, combined with pressure applied to the durable hard stylii to enable it to oscillate, to achieve deep enduring inscriptions.

With scratch marking, the stylus is pressure loaded down into the material being marked and then forcefully steered through it. This process provides an increased depth of mark, as well as very neat characters and inscriptions, resulting in a high quality of mark.

Why dot peen?

Dot peen systems offer the deepest mark depths at much faster speeds, taking seconds to achieve the desired results as opposed to minutes with traditional methods (once set-up has been factored in). The nature of the systems means they are highly reliable, robust, low-maintenance and highly cost effective.

The best systems are very flexible, offering straight, oblique, arc or symmetrical marking capabilities, as well as being fully programmable – an option you don’t get with a punch!

Why choose a Couth system?

Couth is known for its innovative and exhaustive approach to modern marking requirements and its range of deep marking and scratch marking solutions is no exception. The flexibility of its systems is unparalleled, with its offering including integratable, portable and standalone benchtop systems.

Marking deeper and faster than any other system on the market, Couth’s compressed air systems provide a vital combination of depth and speed. By working closely with our customers, the team at Laser Lines pinpoints the solutions that match the needs of each customer.

It is this combination of Couth’s market leading solutions and Laser Lines’ industry knowledge and expertise that is enabling our customers to achieve better results while increasing efficiencies.

For more information on how our range of dot peen marking solutions could benefit your business, contact Chris Ogden or the team on 01295 672 588, or email