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Jack is the newest addition to the industrial lasers team.

After studying physics at university, Jack’s career to date has seen him working with a range of high-tech industries, standing him in good stead for his role here at Laser Lines. Here, he talks about his experience.

My primary focus within Laser Lines’ industrial lasers group is laser marking systems, working alongside customers who require marking solutions of some kind. However, when it comes to a typical customer, there isn’t such a thing.

One of the joys of laser marking is how suitable it is for a multitude of different industries. I work with businesses in the automotive sector, medical devices, decorative industries and precision engineering, to name but a few. The technology has such a broad scope of possibilities for customers of all shapes, sizes and disciplines.

The perfect fit

It is not a case of one-size-fits-all either. Part of my role is to fully understand the specific requirements of our customers so I can find the best solution for their particular business. We do this through a combination of visits to the customer, customer visits to our Banbury facility and sample-marking.

It is important to talk to different people within our customers’ business to find out the key drivers behind looking for a new marking solution. Some days I’ll be having highly technical conversations with engineers, and others I’ll be going through ROI figures with a company’s MD.

It is only with this thorough understanding of the particular applications that our customers require, and the business rationale behind new tech investments, that we can ensure we provide the right solution first time.

The Laser Lines difference

It is this broader understanding of all the issues at play that sets us apart from the competition. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, not to mention a reputation for excellence in customer service and support, we know how to add value to our customers’ businesses.

Take my role, for example. My involvement with customers doesn’t end the day they buy a solution. An integral part of the Laser Lines service is to ensure our customers get value from their chosen solutions, so we keep in regular contact with our customers to make sure this happens.

The fact that we often see customers coming back to buy fourth or fifth systems is testament to our commitment to this ongoing service and support.

A bright future

At the moment, we are seeing two major trends in the industry. Firstly, with a view to doing more, for less, reducing operator error and increasing productivity, more and more of our customers are looking to increase automation.

With manufacturers striving to increase output while reducing waste and scrappage, our market-leading solutions which enable fast, accurate and repeatable marking are currently top of many customers’ wish lists.

Laser marking is going from strength-to-strength and has been for some years now. This continual growth and development shows no sign of abating.  Our range of products, in combination with our industry expertise and customer support means we are well-placed to help.

For more information on how Jack and the Industrial Lasers team can help your business, contact Laser Lines at or call us on 01295 672 588