Diode Lasers

Powerful high brightness fibre-coupled laser diodes from nLIGHT

  • From 15 W to 220 W
  • 105, 200 & 400 µm fibre core sizes
  • Individual wavelengths: 793 nm, 808 nm, 878.6 nm, 885 nm, 915 nm, 940 nm, 969 nm, 976 nm, 1470 nm, 1532 nm & 1550 nm
  • VBG stabilisation available at: 878.6 nm, 885 nm, 940 nm, 969 nm, 976 nm & 1532 nm
  • Unparalleled brightness, 95% power within as low as 0.11 NA
  • nLIGHT reliability ensures maximum uptime and proven performance
  • Designed for fibre laser pumping, solid state laser pumping or direct diode applications
nLIGHT fibre coupled laser diodes are available on two platforms, the element and pearl. nLIGHT element® is the industry’s leading semiconductor laser platform, providing exceptional brightness and performance in fibre core sizes down to 105 µm. These are the pump diodes of choice for high volume fibre laser and solid-state laser pumping. The element builds upon nLIGHT’s foundation of single-emitter diodes, by incorporating them in a proprietary optical design for the most efficient fibre coupling. Cost and performance are optimised across the range of wavelengths from 793 up to 976 nm, and powers from 15 to 220 W. The modular platform consists of four packages, the e03, e06, e12 & e18, which feature an increasing number of emitters and power capability. Many element wavelengths can be offered with VBG stabilisation for consistent performance across a range of operating conditions, and all feature wavelength appropriate feedback protection. nLIGHT pearl™ semiconductor lasers provide diverse outputs to complement the element range. The range of wavelengths stretches from 793 up to 1550 nm, and power from 30 to 110 W with a variety of fibre combinations available to suit specific requirements. The nLIGHT pearl platform is designed and manufactured to achieve the most efficient and reliable performance in solid state laser pumping, direct diode material processing and in surgical and medical therapeutics. All nLIGHT laser diodes are supplied with thermal interface material but include no heatsinking options or control electronics. Should you require a controller please contact us for a recommendation.