DPSS & Diode Laser Modules

Laser Lines offers a wide range of high performance compact DPSS & diode laser modules from CNI Lasers & UniKLasers. Whether you need single frequency, narrow linewidth, stability or low noise we offer lasers with a multitude of models to suit nearly every requirement. Options for modulation, fibre coupling and laser combining are also available across the widest selection of UV, visible & IR wavelengths on the market. For more details please get in touch or see the product pages below.

Diode & DPSS Lasers

CNI laser modules feature the largest selection of wavelengths on the market, providing options wherever a low to mid power continuous wave laser is needed. Their compact and reliable DPSS & diode laser modules include models focused on delivering the specifications that you require. Whether it’s high stability, low noise, narrow linewidth or single frequency, CNI provide great value products with exceptional performance.

Ideally suited for applications such as confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, Raman spectroscopy and optogenetics, CNI offer lasers for almost any scientific laser application imaginable. More

Single Frequency DPSS Lasers

UniKLasers Solo and Duetto series high-performance single frequency DPSS lasers allow for powers up to 1 W in the visible and 2 W in IR. Patented BraMMS Technology® enables high powers at wavelengths including 640 nm, 689.4 nm, 698 nm, 780.24 nm and 813 nm.

Designed for Quantum Technologies and perfect for other applications such as Raman spectroscopy, holography, optical trapping and interferometry. More