Energy Meters

    Beam Analysis

    Laser Lines can offer the Gentec-EO beam profiling camera-based devices, with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. These are capable of taking readings quickly, accurately and with ease, for large and small beams alike. All the cameras are USB 3.0, for the fastest data transfer rates - and are therefore up to 10X faster than the regular USB 2.0 connections (although the cameras are USB 2.0 compatible). More

    Energy Detectors

    The Gentec EO's pyroelectric energy detectors offered by Laser Lines cover a wide energy band, ranging from ultra low energy nano-joules levels, right up to high energy levels, of multiple joules per pulse. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 8mm in diameter, right up to 95mm - and most of them are available with an optional attenuator. Laser Lines can also supply a wider range of accessories with all of the detectors, making them easy to setup and use. More