For more than 25 years Optec has specialised in the design and production of turnkey laser micro-machining systems, and now has an installed base of approaching 1,000 machines. Their products range from flexible R&D workstations to robust 24/7 industrial configurations with manual or automated part handling that cover all types of applications. Optec’s team of experts assess each case individually in order to find the best combination of laser wavelength (deep UV to far IR), pulse duration (femtosecond to CW), and beam delivery design for your application.

  • Deep UV to far IR wavelengths
  • Ultrafast Femtosecond to CW pulse durations
  • Suitable for a host of different applications
  • Both Standard and bespoke micro-machining systems are available as complete system solutions
Optec is known as an “athermal” expert with unequalled experience in deep-UV excimer laser processing and more recently, picosecond and femtosecond laser processing. The Company is distinguished by its core competencies including in-house optical design capability, and their own proprietary laser processing software: ProcessPower and OptecCAD. Their knowledge base and resources make it possible to push system performance beyond industry standards.

Key markets for laser micro-machining include medical device manufacturing, electronics, semiconductor, R & D, science, and even jewellery or watchmaking. Applications include micro-cutting, drilling, structuring, patterning, surface treatment, ablation, wire stripping and even additive manufacturing.

Optec manufacture both standard and “made to measure” laser systems. Standard systems are based on either laser projection or focal point machining techniques. Bespoke industrial machines are designed and built to specific customer production requirements. It is important to understand that these are in no way prototype machines, but rather assemblies of tried and trusted components in a specific architecture optimised to meet specific customer requirements, performance targets and local constraints. Optec has a well-equipped applications laboratory and ISO7 cleanroom where feasibility trials, proof-of-concept and process strategies can be developed. They are the ideal partner for any kind of micro-machining requirement you may have, please contact us to discuss your application.