nLight CFL Rack Mount

The nLIGHT® Compact Fibre Laser (CFL) family of rackmount fibre lasers deliver power outputs of 500W to 1500W in multimode and 500W to 1200W in single mode.  The CFL 500 to CFL 1500 fibre lasers operate in either Continuous Wave (CW) or modulated operational modes. This range of lasers are designed when running in modulated mode to give low heat input and minimised heat effected zones when welding and cutting thin or brittle materials. This generation of lasers are designed to exceed user expectations both in terms of performance and reliability, a must for OEM and bespoke machine builders .

nLIGHT® CFL rackmount fibre lasers incorporate several improvements over other commercially available fibre lasers, these include:

  • Advanced cutting and welding performance
  • Fail safe continuous processing of highly reflective materials
  • Proprietary design, for high up time and ease of service
  • Programmable Pulse Shaping
  • Laser powers from 500W up to 1200W
  • QBH Connector as standard.
  • Optional fibre-to-fibre coupler or beam switch available
  • Fibre core sizes from 50µm to 200µm multimode
  • Fibre delivery lengths of up to 30 meters mulitmode

The nLIGHT® CFL rackmount range of lasers are typically used for welding, thin metal processing and brittle material processing applications. With the ability to increase the modulation rate to 100 kHz and decrease the rise and fall times to less than 5 μs, the advanced software capability provides end users and OEM’s the ability to create customised pulse shapes, enabling precise process optimisation, with repeatable and consistent process control. This allows the laser to rapidly pierce and cut fine features with a minimal heat affected zone, making this one of the most advanced fibre lasers available.

Coupled with nLIGHT’s back reflection isolation technology, you can operate these lasers continually at full power,  processing highly reflective materials.

nLIGHT CFL rackmount fibre lasers incorporate a unique, proprietary fiber laser architecture that enables OEM, bespoke system builders and end users to manage common field service events, this results in higher machine uptime, lower cost of ownership, and an improved customer experience

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Mode of operationCW/QCW
Maximum average power (CW)W500 – 1200
Maximum peak power (Modulated)W500 – 1200
Power tunability%5 – 100
Power variation (8 hr)%≤ 1
Modulation frequencykHz≤ 100
Rise/fall timesµs≤ 5
Beam quality (single mode)*M2≤ 1.3
Beam quality (multimode options)mm-mrad≤ 2 with 50 μm fiber
≤ 4 with 100 μm fiber
≤ 8 with 200 μm fiber
Wavelengthnm1080 ± 10
Operating voltage 500 – 1200 WVac200-240, single-phase
Operating voltage frequencyHz50/60
Control interfaceExternal hardware control/RS-
Dimensions (with casters, covers, interfaces)mm480 w x 177 h x 840 d
Optical fiber5 m, 10 m, 20 m, QBH connector standard
Cooling methodWater
General Conditions
Operating temperature⁰C10 to 40
Storage temperature⁰C10 to 60
Relative humidity%10 to 80