OR Laser Diodeline Welding Systems

The OR-Laser range of Diodeline laser welding systems offer big advantages to modern industries, including significantly reduced energy costs, maintenance free operation and improved laser system performance. Laser welding is a technology that is used both as an alternative welding method (to older less controllable joining techniques), an approved technology for part and tool repair – and also now as an alternative manufacturing method (for the automotive and manufacturing sectors). So for all these applications working fast and with minimal down time are very important. 

  • 15 times more energy efficient and fully air cooled.
  • Maintenance free operation with no lamp changes.
  • Capable of wire welding and laser cladding with one system.
  • Long life pump diodes
  • Excellent stable beam quality
  • Increased repetition rate of up to 100 Hz and Micro-welding capabilities down to 0.05mm spot size

The diodeline range utilises a unique fibre laser technology that can be used in both continuous wave (CW) and pulsed modes, offering the option to perform welding with wire, but also with powder (at higher power levels only), through simple and quick changes that can be made to the setup of a system. The LRS Evo, EVO Mobile and LaserCAB system can all be supplied now as either lamp pumped or diodeline systems – with the diodeline systems offering the advantages mentioned above.

Running from a single phase electrical supply is not the only advantage of these systems, which boast an impressive level of efficiency without the need for water cooling. Capable of producing around 5 times more pulses that a lamp pumped laser welding system, the potential speed of working with these systems makes them a very attractive option for specific applications, where throughput and welding speed remains of key importance. The ability to weld spot sizes down to 0.05mm also means that micro-welding applications and where minimal heat input is the requirement can comfortably be performed.

By quickly changing the welding head for a cladding head, the option exists on the higher powered systems to also perform laser cladding (also known as powder welding), where the manual feeding of filler wire is no longer required and the accuracy and rate of deposition become an easily controllable factor.

To discuss if this technology is the most suitable for your application please contact the Laser Lines team.

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