v Series Lasers

  • Wave Guide Technology
  • Superior Beam Quality
  • Output Powers 30 & 40 Watts
  • Integrated RF Supply
  • OEM & Keyswitch

The v-series range was developed with the goal of producing the highest quality, compact, low power CO2 lasers possible.

Available in 30 Watt and 40 Watt models, the v-series lasers are ideal for integration into desktop engravers and compact marking systems.

Based on a waveguide design, Synrad’s v-series resonator technology guarantees a circular beam in both near and far field, this means the near perfect beam can be focused to create very small spot sizes giving high power density at the work piece. Enabling the user to process at faster speeds with greater resolution when both cutting and marking.

The Fully RoHS and CE compliant, the v-series lasers include an internal RF power supply and can be either air cooled or water cooled. The v30 has been designed for OEM usage only available only as air cooled with or without fans, whereas the v40 is available as both air, fan and water cooled variants.

The v-series offers easy integration with the Synrad FH series marking heads to produce a high-end laser marker, this is further enhanced with the unique 3 point mounting system used by Synrad enabling the same mounting platform to be used for the vi and higher powered ti ranges.

The v-series lasers can be operated up to 100% duty cycle, with the laser power adjusted using a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, such as their UC-2000 power controller, also available with this range is the diode pointer, which combines both a visible diode beam and the laser beam to enable accurate alignment and to give a visible indication of the laser beam on the work piece.

Laser Lines offer alongside the v-series lasers, advice, applications assistance as well a large number of optical, electrical and mechanical laser accessories to enable specialist machine builders to design and manufacture high end solutions.

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Output Power (Watts)3040
Mode QualityM2 ≤ 1.2M2 ≤ 1.2
Rise Time<100µs<100µs
Beam Diameter2.5±0.5mm2.5±0.5mm
Beam Divergence7.00mR7.00mR
Wavelength10.57µm – 10.63µm10.57µm – 10.63µm
Power Stability, From Cold±5%±5%
Power Stability, after 2 minutes±3%±3%
PolarisationLinear HorizontalLinear Horizontal
Heat Load (max)550W700W
Flow Rate , Air140CFM x 2140CFM x 2N/A
Flow Rate Water (18-22⁰C)N/AN/A0.8GPM
Input Current / Voltage30VDC / 18A30VDC / 24A
Dimensions (mm)428 x 117 x 146579 x 117 x 146
Weight (kg)8.210.9