DPSS (Diode-Pumped Solid-State) Lasers, are a well developed and reliable technology that offers strong levels of efficiency together with compact build designs. DPSS lasers have now replaced flash lamp laser technologies for most industrial and scientific applications.  The use of a Diode Module to pump an Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 crystal, creates a light wavelength of 1064nm, although by changes within the resonator design a range of lower wavelengths can also be created, that can be useful for scientific laser applications and for industrial marking applications on troublesome plastic and glass materials.


  • DPSS lasers are one of the most popular laser technologies due to efficiency, reliability and flexibility.
  • Compact low maintenance systems with long-life diode modules
  • Available from low power milliwatt systems up to high power kilowatt systems
  • DPSS Lasers can be configured to deliver a wide variety of different wavelengths

DPSS lasers continue to be one of the most popular and widely used laser technologies that can offer high power levels with good beam quality. They can also be configured as milliwatt lasers with very high beam qualities for scientific applications and for pointer diodes etc. DPSS lasers boast some useful technical advantages that are often overlooked for industrial applications in favour of fibre lasers - for example the ability to deliver very short nanosecond pulses, that allows high peak powers to be delivered at high repetition rates, with minimal thermal input.  This can make DPSS lasers superior to standard fibre lasers for plastic marking and other heat sensitive applications.

The capability to use DPSS lasers systems in continuous wave (CW) and pulsed modes, and at high repetition rates means that for industrial applications they can be used for a whole host of different processes, including laser cutting, welding, hardening, cladding and laser marking (still one of their most popular uses). The larger beam size created in high power diode lasers along with the excellent power distribution means they are a more natural fit for some welding and cladding applications when compared with fibre laser technology.

If you are interested in assessing different laser technologies Laser Lines can assist with trials to assess the suitability of specific laser technologies for a wide variety of applications.

VLASE DPSS Laser Marker

Advantages exist for all three technologies with DPSS lasers offering best in class for laser peak power and a short pulse duration that gives excellent marks on metals and plastics. Available in 3 different wavelengths - this technology gives the best results on highly reflective and high stability materials. More

LDM Diode Laser

This compact fiber-coupled diode laser is an excellent choice for OEMs that need a cost-effective and powerful laser source for integration into production lines or factory automation. The LDM is available with up to 6kW output power. More

ULYXE DPSS Laser Marker

The ULYXE is a 6W fully integrated DPSS laser marking system designed with a small footprint and cost-effectiveness in mind. Suitable for both stand-alone applications but can also be suitable for integration into industrial production lines the ULYXE is an excellent all-round marking system. More