Laser Energy Meters

    Energy Detectors

    The Gentec EO's pyroelectric energy detectors offered by Laser Lines cover a wide energy band, ranging from ultra low energy nano-joules levels, right up to high energy levels, of multiple joules per pulse. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 8mm in diameter, right up to 95mm - and most of them are available with an optional attenuator. Laser Lines can also supply a wider range of accessories with all of the detectors, making them easy to setup and use. More

    Displays & PC Interfaces

    Gentec-EO MAESTRO, INTEGRA, BLU, P-LINK & Many More
    To use your Gentec-EO detector you’ll need a monitor of some kind to read the signal. Gentec-EO offer many different options including standalone monitors with their own display, integrated USB & Bluetooth meters, and PC-based solutions. Includes the MAESTRO and information on the many ways to read the data from your Gentec-EO power detector. More