In order to interface with a standard Gentec-EO detector, a Gentec-EO monitor is required. To read measurements you can use a monitor with a display, or connect via PC, tablet or phone. Either integrated as part of the detector or as standalone units, there is a wide range of Gentec-EO monitors with different capabilities, features and sizes so please contact us if you are unsure which of the below is most suitable for your application.

To discover which monitors are compatible with different detectors, please see the table on the specifications tab, or contact us.

INTEGRA – Embedded USB/RS-232 monitor for direct PC connection

The Gentec-EO INTEGRA is an integrated detector & monitor option perfect for the lab or service. The small but powerful meter incorporates your detector of choice plus a USB or RS-232 connection so you can plug it into your PC or acquisition system. Simply use the PC-Gentec-EO software and be ready to make power or energy measurements within seconds! Each INTEGRA detector offers the same incredible performance as a separate detector and meter combination, from pW to kW and from fJ to J. All of the most popular detectors are available with the Integra option.

  • Plug your detector directly into a PC and use the free PC-Gentec-EO software to take readings
  • USB or RS-232
  • External trigger option for energy meters
  • Add -INT to detector P/N for USB, -IDR for RS-232 & -INE for USB + external trigger

BLU – Embedded Bluetooth monitor for phone/tablet/PC connection

The Gentec-EO BLU is an integrated Bluetooth detector & monitor solution perfect for servicing on the go or for sealed enclosures. The meter incorporates your power detector of choice plus the BLU module which allows connection to a phone, tablet or PC with the included Bluetooth USB receptor. Each BLU detector offers the same incredible performance as a separate detector and meter combination at up to 30 m distance away.

  • Available on a selection of power detectors
  • See your readings on the free Gentec BLU app for iOS or Android, or on a PC with PC-Gentec-EO software
  • USB rechargeable battery with long 5-day continuous life
  • Allows detector to be placed in enclosures with no cables for increased convenience and safety

MAESTRO – Top of the range universal touch screen display monitor

The MAESTRO can read every single Gentec-EO detector and is the most popular monitor that we offer. It has a unique user interface, with fast electronics, a large colour display and touch screen controls. It comes with multiple languages and can be connected to a PC for long term monitoring or data can be directly recorded via USB.

  • Reads all heads: power, energy & photo detectors
  • Easy to use interface with huge range of features
  • Multiple connections: USB, analogue out, external trigger, RS-232, Ethernet
  • Real time statistics: max, min, average, standard deviation, RMS and PTP stability, pulse count and rep rate

TUNER – Display monitor with ultrafast tuning needle for power measurements

The Gentec-EO TUNER is a display monitor with an ultra-fast needle – which is 10x faster than any other needle based monitor on the market. It has an ergonomic design and is controlled with easy to use buttons.

  • Reads power detectors and PH photo detectors
  • Large LCD display with ultrafast needle
  • 3 needle display modes: tail, bar graph & high/low

UNO – Economical display monitor for power measurements

The UNO is simple monitor for making power measurements. With low power consumption and a low cost it is ideal entry-level power meter for quick checks in the field or laboratory. Just like the TUNER, it has an ergonomic design and easy to use direct access keys.

  • Reads power detectors and PH photo detectors
  • Large LCD display
  • Exceptional battery life: 670 hours (4 AA batteries)

S-LINK – PC-based 1 or 2 channel energy and power monitor

The S-LINK is a monitor that allows you to measure detectors at a very fast rate and is hence ideal for energy measurements. It connects to a PC via either USB or Ethernet connections.

  • Reads both energy and power detectors
  • Serial commands available on all versions allow you to take full control
  • Dual channel S-LINK-2 version available
  • USB or Ethernet output

P-LINK – PC based 1 or 4 channel power monitor

The very compact and low-cost P-LINK monitor allows you to connect any Gentec-EO power detector to a PC.

  • Reads power detectors and PH photo detectors
  • Serial commands available on all versions allow you to take full control
  • Four channel P-LINK-4 version available
  • USB, RS-232 or Ethernet (P-LINK-4 only) output

M-LINK – PC based power and energy monitor for advanced analysis

The M-LINK is a USB monitor that reads all Gentec-EO detectors and includes powerful software for advanced analysis.

  • Reads all heads: power, energy & photo detectors
  • USB & analogue output
  • Advanced LabView software included

All Gentec-EO monitors include an individual calibration certificate with an 18-month expiry.

Complementary products

Gentec-EO Monitor Compatibility Table
Power DetectorsEnergy Detectors
ModelXLP, UP, HP, THZ12UM-BPHQE, PE-BXLP, UPIntegratedDisplayPC InterfaceBluetoothChannels
S-LINK-1 (Ethernet)PPPP1
S-LINK-2 (Ethernet)PPPP2
P-LINK-4 (Ethernet)PPPP4