Laser Marking

Laser Lines was founded in 1975 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent supplier of lasers and accessories. During this time we have accrued an enviable portfolio of manufacturers, each chosen for their excellence in their field.  For laser marking applications we recommend the Datalogic range of  CO2, Fibre & Diode final solution marking systems.    

EOX CO2 Laser Marking System

Designed specifically for industrial coding and marking applications, the Datalogic EOX CO2 laser marking family of lasers are available in both 10 Watt and 30 Watt packages. With its state of the art embedded controller, in built visible diode pointer and focus finder, all bought together in one of the smallest easy to use CO2 laser packages available, makes this family of CO2 laser systems one of the best all round marking systems available. More

VLASE DPSS Laser Marker

Advantages exist for all three technologies with DPSS lasers offering best in class for laser peak power and a short pulse duration that gives excellent marks on metals and plastics. Available in 3 different wavelengths - this technology gives the best results on highly reflective and high stability materials. More

ULYXE DPSS Laser Marker

The ULYXE is a 6W fully integrated DPSS laser marking system designed with a small footprint and cost-effectiveness in mind. Suitable for both stand-alone applications but can also be suitable for integration into industrial production lines the ULYXE is an excellent all-round marking system. More

Arex 400 Fibre Laser Marker

The AREX 400 is a high performance Fibre Laser Marker designed with fast, high quality marking, even in the most difficult working environments. With the smallest scanhead on the market along with a highly robust design the AREX400 is a standout system when small footprint and reliability are key. More