The introduction of laser welding into modern industry has created a new alternative method of manufacturing.  A clean, quick to learn and easy to use process that is superior in many ways to older 'operator dependent' welding techniques. Unlike conventional welding, laser welding lends itself to advanced automation, but can also be supplied in a comprehensive and well-conceived range of easy to use workstations.

  • Offering exceptionally high levels of consistency, controlled levels of penetration, finer weld seams, faster processing speeds and reduced heat input with little or no distortion.
  • Suitable for a variety of different welding applications, with laser welding systems that range in power from 10W up to 25kW.
  • Capable of joining materials that can’t be welded by other techniques - including Tribaloys, Plastics, Dissimilar Metals and Alloys and Precious Metals.
  • Equally suitable for delicate small precision items and parts, through to huge and heavy press tools and automotive assemblies.
  • Can be supplied and configured as OEM systems, Class IV systems with integral motion control, stand alone Class I workstations or custom turnkey systems.
  • Stand alone systems require no previous welding experience and with minimal training high-quality results can quickly and easily be achieved...

Pulsed Laser Welding Systems

Based around both lamp pumped and fibre laser technology these systems can be used for fine weld seams and repair work where distortion and discoloration cannot be tolerated. Complete System Options are configured for small and delicate parts, medium and large parts and assemblies. More

High Power Diode Lasers

The direct use of the diode as the most efficient form of beam creation allows high levels of power to be created, enabling high speed welding to be performed. Compact, efficient and highly reliable, these systems are used in more demanding welding applications where increased weld depth and penetration are required, combined with the fastest processing speeds. More