Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutting is a processing method utilising a focused beam of light to vaporise or melt material.  This could be cutting components from sheet of material or for profiling around molded components.  Unlike conventional, more mechanical methods, with laser processing the cut width remains constant as there no tool wear, ensuring all the processed parts are laser cut to a variance-free dimension. There are a number of benefits to using a laser for cutting materials: -

  • Zero tool wear
  • Low thermal effect
  • Reduced surface contamination
  • Burr free edges when cutting metals

Why Choose Our Laser Cutting Systems?

Investing in laser cutting systems is an important decision - one that should not be taken without due diligence. Quite simply, we have been selling laser cutting systems for over 40 years and are keen to use our experience to ensure our customers have the right system for their application.

MCL Laser Cutting System

The fibre-sourced MCL offers consistent high performance and functionality and comes in three models - MCL 300/3000, MCL 500 and MCL 1000 offering output powers of 300/3000W, 500W and 1000W respectively.  Incorporating a capacitive anti-collision sensor, the cutting head ensures high-precision operation at all times. More

BCL Laser Cutting System

High performance, functionality and a stable output are key features of the fibre-sourced BCL laser cutting system. Incorporating a capacitive anti-collision sensor, the system ensures consistent high-precision results despite the directional and speed changes. More