Until a few years ago picosecond (trillionths of a second) lasers were only found in research and development labs and were large, expensive and unreliable. All this has changed and increasingly picosecond lasers are becoming the laser of choice for advanced manufacturing applications. Thousands of them are employed worldwide to manufacture the products you have in your pocket.

Quasi-Continuous-Wave Picosecond Laser

Some applications require picosecond lasers pulses at ultra high repetition rate. For those applications the Photonics Industries PS lasers are the laser of choice. 72MHz repetition rate, average power up to 100W and available in the IR, Green and UV. These lasers are ideal for such applications as solar cell processing, printing and wafer inspection. More

Compact Picosecond Lasers

Photonics Industries RGX & RGH lasers are our picosecond laser workhorse and available at powers up to 100W in the IR, 70W in the Green and 45W in the UV. Lasers may be operated from single shot to 8MHz rep rates. Ultracompact, laser head is a maximum of 940mm long. Lower powered lasers are in a package of only 559mm long. Pulsewidths of 7ps and 1mJ pulse energy are available. More

High Pulse Energy Picosecond Lasers

Photonics Industries RGL lasers are a unique solution targeted at those who need high energy (>4mJ) picosecond pulses at low repetition rate <5kHz. Typical application areas include satellite ranging, LIDAR and metal cutting. More