Fibre lasers have become one of the most popular laser technologies over the last two decades, having a significant effect on the uptake of laser technology by UK and Worldwide industries. Offering very high levels of energy efficiency over other laser technologies, combined with a high energy concentration and a compact build size - it’s not hard to see why!

  • High Beam Quality means high levels of power concentration and faster processing capabilities
  • Highly Energy Efficient and Easy to Cool requiring lower levels of energy input
  • Easy to integrate, due to the delivery of the laser beam via a fibre optic cable
  • High Levels of Power can be achieved in to the high kW range
Systems are available in both Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulsed operation modes, which means fibre laser technology can be used for cutting, marking, cleaning, welding, additive manufacture and cladding with very low running costs. The fact that the beam can be created and delivered via a flexible fibre optic cable makes this technology easier to build and integrate - and less susceptible to knocks and bangs. Fibre lasers use a silica glass fibre that is doped with a gain medium such as Ytterbium or Thallium. These elements (that are added / or doped in small quantities) absorb photons of a low wavelength (from a diode pump source), and then decay and emit a longer wavelength. It’s the creation of this longer wavelength that allows laser processing to take place. The fact that this all occurs within a fibre means that a high quality high power beam is created that remains tightly confined to a small spot size. This small spot size is well suited for performing cutting, marking and additive manufacture etc. where high energy concentrations are required. Defocusing the laser spot also allows it to be used for welding, cladding and other processes. Laser Lines can advise companies interested in this technology with trials to assess the suitability of this technology for a wide variety of applications.

LDF Diode Laser

This is an industrial workhorse, and can operate as a stand-alone laser source or integrate seamlessly with virtually any robot system. These lasers are particularly well suited for multi-station operation, with beam switches and fibers of up to 100m in length. The LDF is available with up to 45kW output power. More

Arex 400 Fibre Laser Marker

The AREX 400 is a high performance Fibre Laser Marker designed with fast, high quality marking, even in the most difficult working environments. With the smallest scanhead on the market along with a highly robust design the AREX400 is a standout system when small footprint and reliability are key. More