Compact Picosecond Lasers

compact picosecond laserPhotonics Industries RGH lasers are the most advanced and cost-effective industrial grade picosecond laser available anywhere. Over a thousand of them have been delivered, most of which are being used 24/7 in state of the art manufacturing applications.

Some of the benefits of our design include:

All in one shock and vibration resistant package.

  • Ultra short 10ps pulses for non thermal processing.
  • Field replaceable pump diodes
  • Ultra low cost of ownership.
  • High power, up to 100W in IR, 70W in Green, 45W in UV
  • High repetition rate (8MHz) for ultra-fast processing
  • High energy, >1mJ
  • Burst mode and AOM as standard
  • Manufactured in high volume, available off the shelf..

Applications that these lasers are being used right now for include:

  • Manufacturing flat panel displays
  • Glass and sapphire cutting and drilling
  • Semiconductor scribing and cutting
  • Ceramic cutting, drilling, and scribing
  • LED scribing, cutting and drilling
  • Ink jet nozzle drilling
  • Advanced laser marking

The choice is yours. You can use a research grade (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t) laser or one of our industrial grade RGH picosecond lasers.