Processing Heads

Laser Mechanisms is the recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of laser processing heads, beam delivery components and articulated arm systems. Their products are used in every type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment and others. Over the years the company has introduced many innovations to enhance the performance, safety, capability, ease of use and cost effectiveness of laser processing.

Laser Mechanisms processing heads are used with every type of laser, including CO2, Nd:YAG, diode and fiber lasers. They also offer a range of flexible solutions for connecting common CO2 lasers to a variety of motion systems, using either user configurable modular elements or complete articulated arm assemblies.


The FiberMINI is a simple yet flexible design that allows the user to configure a compact, lightweight processing head to their specific fiber laser application. More


The FiberCUT is a high end processing head especially suited to 3D robotic laser cutting applications. More