Laser Mechanisms is the recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of laser processing heads, beam delivery components and articulated arm systems. Their products are used in every type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment and others. Over the years the company has introduced many innovations to enhance the performance, safety, capability, ease of use and cost effectiveness of laser processing.

The FiberCUT processing head collimates and focuses a fiber delivered laser beam and directs it, along with cutting gas, through its nozzle for optimal metal cutting. The nozzle senses the required tip stand-off distance from the workpiece and automatically maintains that distance with its internal z-axis drive system. The head’s cover glass protects the lens from process debris. Technical highlights include:


  • Rated for lasers of up to 4kW power (HR version up to 15kW)
  • Compact lightweight design enables the use of 16kg robots
  • Provides error signals in the event of collision or over temperature
  • True 3D capability
  • Low noise height sensing is insensitive to cutting plasma or piercing debris
  • Robust cam operated z-axis drive system
  • Sealed beam path
  • Cartridge style drawer provides quick and easy access to the cover glass
  • All wiring and gas lines are internally plumbed, avoiding costly snags and breaks
  • Models available for all common fiber connector types

The FiberCUT is an advanced high performance laser processing head for robotic applications. Available in straight and right-angle versions, the head is capable of cutting a wide range of materials. Its rugged design ensures maximum reliability, even in high duty cycle applications and harsh factory floor environments. A 2D model is also available, especially designed for use on flatbed cutting systems.

FiberCUT delivers user-friendly operation and reliable performance for all robotic cutting applications.

OEM Laser Systems & Accessories

Cutting Head
Power ratingUpto 4kW (15kW for FiberCUT HR)
Focus lens75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm
Clear aperture25mm
Nozzle tip (various shapes)1mm to 2.5mm
Gas and water ports6mm tube to M5 fittings
Assist gas pressureUpto 20 bar
Z axis travel+/- 8.5mm
Max. Z-axis speed175mm/sec
Stand-off distance range0.3mm to 4.0mm (1.0mm recommended)
Weight3.2 kg
Collimating lens (doublet, fused silica)75mm, 100mm
Clear aperture25mm
Fiber connections (others on request)QBH (HLC-8, PIPA-Q), QD (LLK-D, LCA), Q5 (LLK-B)
Control Box
Sealed enclosure380mm x 300mm x 160mm (L x W x H)
Single interconnect cableup to 15 metres long
Number of stand-off settings7
Electrical supply85 – 264 V AC, 1 phase, 47 – 63Hz
Interface inputs5 – 24V DC, optically isolated
Interface outputs12 – 24V DC, 150mA max sink/source, optically isolated