Laser Marking Systems

Within modern industry Laser Marking has become the leading method for part identification and traceability, offering a superior level of quality, speed and flexibility.  Laser marking is a fast and highly accurate marking method with no consumables or wet chemicals used, it enhances the product appearance and creates a brand appeal that no other technology can offer.    Available at prices to suit a range of different budgets, it’s a simple to use technology that’s energy efficient and future proof.

Why Choose Our Laser Marking Systems?

Here at Laser Lines, our laser marking systems are leading the industry, in terms of the technologies we offer, the materials they can mark and the advanced software and hardware options we have available. Our laser marking systems offer the following benefits:

  • All our Laser Marking Systems are configurable with Fibre, DPSS and CO2 lasers.
  • Our laser marking systems to mark almost any material, including metals, alloys, composites, glass, wood and plastics.
  • Available as Class 1 systems which require no additional PPE.
  • A wide range of power outputs enable fast marking and deep engraving to be performed.
  • Software controlled embedded Windows 10 which is fully customisable to enable bespoke experiences.

What Laser Marking Systems are Available?

There are a number of different sizes of laser marking system in our range, each one boasting a variety of benefits. Find out more about the different laser marking systems on offer at Laser Lines. Don’t forget to also look at the workstations  into which these can be built.

LWS-A, Laser marking stations with three axes

LWS-A is a laser marking station from Sisma that is flexible, sturdy and modular. Available at Laser Lines. More

LWS-M, 3-axis laser marking station with removable and height adjustable working plane.

LWS-M is 3-axis laser marking station that is flexible, modular, sturdy and intuitive system from Sisma at Laser Lines. More

BSP, 3-axis laser marking and engraving system with base

BSP 3 axis laser marking and engraving system is compact and sturdy, featuring a spacious working chamber. More

BSP PICO is a laser marking and engraving machine which uses a picosecond laser source

BSP PICO laser marking and engraving machine from Sisma is compact and advanced system with picosecond laser. More

WH-64-P, laser marking station with 64-pallet automatic storage

Productive and flexible. autonomous laser marking station from the Sisma that is available at Laser Lines with 64-pallet automatic storage More

Modo, universal systems for laser processes

The MODO system offers an unprecedented range of configuration and is customizable according to specific needs. More

BSP+WH-6P CBOT, laser station consisting of BSP laser marker with 6-pallet warehouse and collaborative robot

BSP laser marking station with 6-pallet warehouse and collaborative robot: an automated storage system from Sisma. More

BIG SMARKY, laser marking and engraving system

Big Smarky is laser marking and engraving system by Sisma, that is practical and versatile, that is offered by Laser Lines. More

BIG SMARK. laser marking and engraving system with base

Big Smark is a laser marking and engraving system that is versatile, digitaly advanced system from Sisma, available at Laser Lines. More

SART, laser marking and engraving system with rotating table, on base

SART is laser and engraving system by Sisma that is highly productive, functional and flexible system available at Laser Lines. More