SART, laser marking and engraving system with rotating table, on base

SART sisma system

Highly productive
The two-position rotating table system (diameter 700 mm) allows to load/unload the pieces during the marking process, minimizing downtimes. Furthermore, the sturdy structure guarantees repeatability and stability of results over time.

The ergonomic structure enables a comfortable operator position while the integrated software, developed by SISMA, allows to carry out very complex operations in an easy and intuitive way.

SART is available with wide range of SISMA laser sources (from 3 W to 50 W) and can be fitted, on request, with a rotating axis. It is also compatible with the coaxial vision system (CVS), the Pattern Matching software and the Focus Shifter scanning head for 3D surface marking.

Description200F EP300F500 F EP700F EP30 CO260 UV
Active source materialYbYbYbYbCO2Nd
Wavelength1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm10600555 nm
Nominal laser power (W)20 W30 W30 W70 W30 W6 W
Work frequency PRF (KHz)1 – 10001 – 5001 – 5001 – 40000 – 1000 – 500
Laser pulse duration (ns)3-50026 – 2506 – 5004 – 200012
Pulse energy (mJ)> 1> 1> 1> 1.20.06
Peak power (KW)> 10> 10> 10> 105
Beam quality (M²)< 1.6< 1.6< 1.6< 1.6<1.2<1.3
PulseTune waveform40238371
Scan head size101010101414
Marking speed (rad/s)¹1212123111 – 3011 – 30
Marking speed (mm/s)¹20002000200050001800 – 76001800 – 7600
Frequency of wobbels max (Hz)¹6006006002000NaNNaN
Resolution (µrad)121212120.7612 – 0.76
Repeatability (RMS) (µrad)2222< 22