BIG SMARKY, laser marking and engraving system

The advanced features of the laser source allow to carry out engraving, marking and cutting operations in line with the highest technical standards. Big Smarky can be fitted with all SISMA accessories, with the coaxial vision system (CVS) and with the Pattern Matching software.

The 500 mm x 500 mm working chamber (maximum piece height 530 mm with F100 focal length) is open on three sides to facilitate access.

Digitaly advanced 
Entirely developed by SISMA, the integrated software is the ideal solution for file management and parameter definition, even for complex machining.

Model100200F200F EP300F400F500F700FGREEN
Laser sourceNd:YAGYbYbYbYbYbYbNd:YV04
Wave length1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm532 nm
Average laser power10 W20 W20 W30 W40 W50 W70 W10 W
Pulse frequency1÷200 kHz1÷500 kHz1÷1000 kHz1÷500 kHz1÷1000 kHz1÷500 kHz1÷500 kHz1÷300 kHz
Pulse duration30 ns260/40 ns3-500 ns260/40 ns10-240 ns250/40 ns260/40 ns30 ns
Max pulse energy0,5 mJ1/0,21 mJ0,03-1 mJ1/0,21 mJ0,16 – 1,33 mJ1/0,21 mJ1/0,21 mJ0,25 mJ
Beam quality≤ 1,8 M2≤ 1,6 M2≤ 1,6 M2≤ 1,6 M2≤ 3,5 M2≤ 1,6 M2≤ 1,6 M2≤ 1,2 M2
Laser spot diameter25 μm20 μm20 μm20 μm40 μm20 μm20 μm12 μm
Z axis stroke400 mm2000 mm/s
Guide laserClass 2M Red Laser Diode; λ=650 nm; 2 mWF100, F160
Working temperature10°C to 35°C – non condensing
Working chamber500 x 500 x 380 mm
Power supply230 V ± 15% 50/60 Hz 1ph 0,8 kW
Dimensions (WxDxH)556 x 943 x h 953 mm (h 1655 mm with open door)Forced-air cooling
Weight125 kg