Power Meters

Laser Lines partners with Gentec Electro-Optics to provide their complete selection of laser power meters. With nearly 50 years of experience in laser measurement, Gentec-EO power meters provide accurate solutions for laser power measurement applications from industry to hospitals to the world’s leading laser laboratories. Their power measurement solutions allow for accurate measurements from nanowatts to multi-kilowatts.

To find the right solution for you, please contact us with your laser specifications or take a look at the range below.

Power Detectors

Gentec-EO UP & XLP Detectors
For laser power measurement from 15 µW to 500 W, the UP & XLP range of thermopile power detectors are suitable for making continuous accurate power readings of most common types of laser. Includes the UP19K-15S-H5 and other popular detectors. More

High Power Detectors

Gentec-EO HP Detectors
For laser power measurement above 500 W and up to 100 kW, the Gentec-EO HP series are the world’s leading detectors for continuous measurement of the most powerful commercial and research grade lasers. Includes the UP55C-2.5KW-HD, beam dumps and standard detectors up to 16 kW. More

All-in-one Detectors

Gentec-EO Pronto Detectors
For fast cost-effective power measurement of a wide range of lasers from a 1 W up to 10 kW, the Pronto series is a range of compact all-in-one meters with touchscreen displays. Allowing for single shot measurement, the Pronto is the perfect tool for periodic checks of laser power, and its compact size and ease of use makes it ideal for travelling service engineers. Includes the Pronto-250, our most popular power meter for laser marking systems. More

Photo Detectors

Gentec-EO PH Detectors.
For low power measurements from as little as 200 pW up to 800 mW, Gentec-EO’s Pronto-Si and range of PH photo detectors are the ideal product for high accuracy laser power readings. Includes the Pronto-Si and PH series. More


To use your Gentec-EO detector you’ll need a monitor of some kind to read the signal. Gentec-EO offer many different options including standalone monitors with their own display, integrated USB & Bluetooth meters, and PC-based solutions. Includes the MAESTRO and information on the many ways to read the data from your Gentec-EO power detector. More