Photo Detectors

Gentec-EO offer a range of photo detectors for measuring as low as a few picowatts in power. For details of specific models see the specification tab or download the data sheet.

Pronto-Si – Pocket-sized all-in-one photo detector for power measurements of up to 800 mW

A handheld 0.3 nW – 800 mW power probe with touchscreen display. The Pronto-Si features a slide-in attenuator to measure a wide range of powers. Just shift the OD1 integrated filter into position and you can measure up to 800 mW of continuous power via the 10 x 10 mm aperture.

  • Slim profile – the sensor is only 6 mm thick, allowing it to fit into tight spaces
  • Due to a very low noise level (only 10 pW), the Pronto-Si measures powers as low as 0.3 nW
  • Simply set wavelength, brightness and screen orientation via the touchscreen
  • Optional fibre adapter to attach fibre coupled lasers
  • Ideal for measuring laser pointers and compact DPSS & diode lasers within systems

PH – Photo detectors for measurements from 200 pW up to 750 mW

Gentec-EO PH photo detectors comprise a range of sensors that allow for sensitive measurements from UV (210 nm) to IR (1650 nm). A choice of attenuators is offered to alter or expand the power range of the sensor. These high accuracy detectors include the PH100-Si-HA which features Gentec-EO’s lowest calibration uncertainty at ±1.5 % from 450 – 940 nm.

  • Three versions: Silicon (350 – 1080 nm), Silicon-UV (210 – 1080 nm) and Germanium (800 – 1650 nm)
  • Large 10 mm diameter aperture for Silicon detectors, 5 mm for Germanium
  • Optional OD filters offered together (calibrated as one unit) or separately (calibrated without filter)
  • Precise calibration across 1 nm steps
  • Available with INTEGRA (USB/RS-232) connection

All Gentec-EO photo detectors include an individual calibration certificate traceable to NIST standards with an 18-month expiry.

Compatible interfaces and monitors for Gentec-EO PH Detectors:







For further details of these compatible monitors please see the monitors page.


ModelMax Power (mW)Min Power (pW)Aperture (mm)
PRONTO-Si80030010 x 10
PH Series
ModelMax Power (mW)Min Power (nW)Aperture Ø (mm)Spectral Range (nm)Sensor Type