Power Detectors

Laser Lines partner with Gentec-EO to offer their full range of industry leading thermopile power detectors for continuous measurement of laser powers from a few µW to 500 W. These are split into different series depending on the type of absorber, from sensitive detectors and standard broadband sensors, up to the highest damage threshold coatings available.

See the specifications tab for details of specific models, and the data sheets for complete specifications. For measuring powers above 500 W please see the high power page, or for more sensitive detectors please see the photo detector page.

XLP – Sensitive thermopile for measurements from 15 µW to 3 W

The XLP provides noise levels typical of photo detectors with the large bandwidth and power handling of a thermopile. An isolation tube is included and fibre adapters are available to directly connect fibre coupled lasers to the detector.

  • 5 µW noise equivalent power allows for accurate measurements from 15 µW upwards
  • IR filter available
  • Volume absorber version for high peak power pulsed lasers
  • Ideal for compact low power DPSS & diode lasers
  • Optional energy mode

UP-H – All-purpose standard broadband coated detectors for laser power measurement from 30 mW to 500 W

Available with five different apertures, and five different cooling options, the UP-H series of detectors is based on a modular format with increasing power capabilities. A large range of different combinations to suit varying power, space & cooling requirements means most laser measurement requirements can be solved by the UP-H series.

  • 10, 12, 19, 25, or 55 mm diameter aperture
  • Offered standalone or with heatsink, fan or water cooling modules for increased power capability
  • Includes the UP19K-15S-H5-D0 15 W detector, our most popular head for laser power measurement
  • Available with INTEGRA (USB/RS-232) or BLU (Bluetooth) connections
  • Suitable for a wide range of lasers, including Synrad, Photonics Industries & Lighthouse Photonics
  • Optional energy mode

UP-W – High damage threshold coated detectors for small beams and pulsed UV lasers up to 85 W

The UP-W series allows you to measure high power density lasers that would damage other sensors. With various sizes and cooling modules to suit different requirements, plus the most resilient coating on the market, the UP-W series handles lasers with small beams or high rep rate pulses with ease.

  • 100 kW/cm2 average damage threshold
  • 17 or 50 mm diameter aperture
  • Offered standalone or with heatsink, fan or water cooling modules for increased power capability
  • Designed for small beams, and pulsed UV and sub-nanosecond lasers
  • Optional energy mode

UP-VR – High peak power volume absorber detectors for high energy pulsed lasers up to 200 W

The UP-VR series is perfect for high energy density beams because, depending on wavelength, energy densities greater than 30 J/cm2 and peak power densities over 1 GW/cm2 can be handled. Degradation such as ablation that can be caused by high density repetitive pulses is minimised with the VR coating as the energy is distributed through the volume, rather than just across the surface.

  • 18 or 55 mm diameter aperture
  • Offered standalone or with heatsink, fan or water cooling modules for increased power capability
  • Available with INTEGRA (USB/RS-232) or BLU (Bluetooth) connections
  • Ideal for femtosecond and low rep rate, high energy pulsed lasers
  • Optional energy mode

All Gentec-EO detectors include an individual calibration certificate traceable to NIST standards with an 18-month expiry.

Compatible interfaces and monitors for Gentec-EO Power Detectors:

  • BLU
  • UNO
  • S-LINK
  • P-LINK
  • M-LINK


For further details of these compatible monitors please see the monitors page.

UP-W Series
Spectral Range: 190 nm – 10 μm
ModelMax Power (W)Min Power (mW)Aperture Ø (mm)Cooling Type
UP-VR Series
Spectral Range: 266 nm – 2.5 μm
ModelMax Power (W)Min Power (mW)Aperture Ø (mm)Cooling Type