High Power Diode

Founded in 1997, Laserline is the leading manufacturer of high power diode lasers for materials processing. With over 4000 installations worldwide, these lasers are among the most successful and flexible beam sources for industrial applications in the multi-kilowatt range. Customers appreciate their modular design, high efficiency, maximum reliability and low maintenance costs.

A key characteristic of Laserline lasers is the use of diodes as the most efficient source for laser beam generation. They convert electrical current directly into light without the need for a pump medium. This makes diode lasers more efficient and compact than conventional lasers; hence they are easier to handle and more mobile. Diode lasers have a long service life and are virtually maintenance-free.

These lasers are well established in many industrial applications including welding of steel and aluminium, cladding, coating, repair welding, hardening, soldering and brazing. They are also used extensively in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, with both metals (powder or wire) and fiber composite materials.

Highlights of the Laserline range include:

LDF Diode Laser

This is an industrial workhorse, and can operate as a stand-alone laser source or integrate seamlessly with virtually any robot system. These lasers are particularly well suited for multi-station operation, with beam switches and fibers of up to 100m in length. The LDF is available with up to 45kW output power. More

LDM Diode Laser

This compact fiber-coupled diode laser is an excellent choice for OEMs that need a cost-effective and powerful laser source for integration into production lines or factory automation. The LDM is available with up to 6kW output power. More

Optics and Processing Heads

Laserline provide optical solutions for all applications. The range includes beam shaping optics, zoom lenses, complete cladding and welding heads, as well as add-ons such as pyrometers and CCD cameras for process monitoring and control. More