Optics and Processing Heads

Laserline OTS series processing optics perfectly match to their high power diode lasers and provide solutions for a wide range of applications, from welding, brazing and cladding to surface treatment and the production of fiber composite components. This diversity of applications is enabled by a modular and highly flexible design.

Features at a glance:

  • Modular versatility, flexible combination
  • Robust construction for maximum loads
  • Simple solutions for complex tasks
  • Customer specific focus shapes for all applications
  • For welding, cladding, brazing, hardening and more
  • Compatible with standard interfaces

These optics are designed for industrial manufacturing processes. The fully internal cooling system and corrosion resistant stainless steel housing (rated to IP54) allow continuous operation at high power (up to 20kW) even under difficult processing conditions.

A circular focus with homogeneous intensity distribution can be achieved by simply imaging the end of the fiber and is typically used in applications such as metal and plastic welding, brazing and cladding. Lines and rectangular spots are obtained using homogenising elements and may significantly increase production throughput, especially for the processing of large workpieces. These focus geometries are often applied for hardening or high power cladding jobs. Yet more focus geometries such as ring shapes, double or triple spots can be created with additional optics. In addition to the range of flexible focus geometries, other components such as cameras, sensors or a pyrometer are available and provide the possibility for real time process monitoring and closed-loop control.

One final option is Laserline’s OTZ zoom optics, which are ideal for applications that may require a dynamically changing spot size. These zoom optics provide an adjustable and homogenised focus; variable circular spots and line profiles are possible as well as rectangular spots which can be adjusted in the x- and y- directions independently.

Optical and mechanical specifications
Outer dimensions56 x 56mm74 x 74mm
Max power (higher on request)12 kW20 kW
Numerical apertureNA 0.1 – 0.2NA 0.1 – 0.2
Collimator focal length options (more on request)50 – 140mm70 – 200mm
Focus focal length options (more on request)100 – 500mm80 – 600mm