BSP+WH-6P CBOT, laser station consisting of BSP laser marker with 6-pallet warehouse and collaborative robot

BSP laser marking station with 6-pallet warehouse and collaborative robot: an automated storage system has been added to the standard machine structure with the primary aim to increase productivity and flexibility.

With 6 removable and interchangeable pallets*, the warehouse has two sections: the first is for static storage of the pallets, while the second is handled by a robot arm that extracts the pallet from the warehouse and picks up the contents of the tray by placing it on the marking area. Each pallet measures 480 x 280 mm and can hold 1 to 3 trays in a pre-set grid. It is possible to load and unload the different pallets while marking is in progress. Both the laser and the warehouse are managed by Cad-based proprietary software with remote support.

The collaborative robot is designed to work side by side with humans without the need for cumbersome safety nets; the dynamics and the proposed configurations are designed to comply with the safety limits required by the regulations. In the event of a collision with the operator, the system stops and restarts as soon as possible. In the event of a change in the drawer status by the operator, the system waits for the initial conditions to be restored before resuming activity.

Software Warehouse management is integrated into the control system of the associated laser machine: the operator has a single interface for managing the machine, the warehouse and its contents. The traceability of parts is guaranteed by an internal database based on the current status: it will be possible to monitor which parts have been machined, which are being machined, which are waiting to be machined or which have had problems that the operator needs to check.

Flexibility of the solution The basic system already includes a number of functionalities that allow it to be used easily and intuitively, without the need for robot programming knowledge. If necessary, a preliminary check with the customer’s part type is carried out to identify critical issues.

*Sisma offers different types of trays with the corresponding configuration.