Quasi-Continuous-Wave Picosecond Laser

Quasi-Continuous-WavePhotonics Industries PS lasers are an industrial grade picosecond laser delivering high power in the form of picosecond pulses at ultra-high rep rates (72 MHz) in the IR, Green & UV.

Some of the benefits of our design include:

  • All in one Shock and vibration resistant package.
  • Ultra short 15ps pulses for non thermal processing.
  • Field replaceable pump diodes
  • Ultra low cost of ownership.
  • High power, up to 100W in IR, 80W in Green, 40W in UV
  • High repetition rate (72 MHz) for ultra-fast processing

Applications these lasers are being used for right now for include solar cell processing, wafer inspection, printing and flow cytometry.

The choice is yours. You can use a research grade laser (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t) laser or one of our industrial grade PS picosecond lasers.