Laser drilling is a proven processing method which is based around a focused beam of light to accurately and selectively vaporise a material. Unlike conventional drilling processes such as mechanical drilling, punching or electric discharge machining (EDM), with laser drilling the hole size drilled remains accurate and constant as there has been no tool wearing in the process.

There are a number of benefits to using a laser for drilling and cutting materials: -

  • Zero tool wear
  • Low thermal effect
  • Reduced surface contamination
  • Burr free edges when drilling metals
Both organic and inorganic materials can be drilled by the use of laser, to drill organic materials you would need to use a CO 2 laser with a wavelength of 10µm, where as for drilling inorganic materials you would need to use a fibre laser with a wavelength of 1µm. Ultimately the wavelength of the laser and the choice of beam delivery optics will limit the size of hole that can be drilled. With the correct choice of optics, you can achieve holes as small as 30µm (with a CO 2 laser) and as small as 10µm (with a fibre laser).

CO2 Lasers

Laser Lines offers a wide range of Synrad CO2 pulsed lasers, these are capable of producing high peak pulses needed for drilling from relatively low powered sources. The Pulstar range is available from 100 Watts to 400 Watts, the P100 will produce high peak power pulses of up to 400 Watts from the 100 Watt source, the p400 will produce high peak power pulses in excess of 1000W from a 400 Watt source. Synrad lasers offer the widest choice in terms of power and performance, the Pulstar range of CO 2 lasers are the ultimate tool when it comes to drilling organic materials. More

Fiber Lasers

Laser Lines offers a wide range of nLight fiber Lasers ranging in power from 500 Watts to 8000 Watts, these lasers are designed for use in multiple applications including drilling of metals, such as Copper, Brass, Stainless Steels, Aluminium and Alloys as well as other materials including rubber and plastics. Whether you need to drill thin sheet materials through to thicker plate, nLight has a suitable power laser to meet your requirements on drilling. More