Beam Profilers

Laser Lines can offer the Gentec-EO beam profiling camera-based devices, with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. These are capable of taking readings quickly, accurately and with ease, for large and small beams alike. All the cameras are USB 3.0, for the fastest data transfer rates – and are therefore up to 10X faster than the regular USB 2.0 connections (although the cameras are USB 2.0 compatible).

• High Resolution for accurate profile measurements of both very small beams
• USB 3.0 for faster transfer rates
• Large Apertures
• Available with IR coating (for IR wavelengths (1495-1595nm)
• ISO Compliant (to ISO 11146:2004 and 11146:2005 for D4σ Definition of Diameter, Centroid, Ellipticity and Orientation
• Intuitive Icon Driven Software Interface
• External Trigger

A key feature of all the beamage cameras is their high resolution, which is especially useful for accurate profile measurements of very small beams. There are two different resolution levels that you can choose from – 2.2 MPixels for the Beamage 3.0 camera, and 4.2 MPixels for the Beamage 4M camera.

They also boast a large sensor size, that allows you to take readings from large and small beams sizes alike. They are just as accurate for larger beam sizes (11.3 mm x 6.0 mm for the Beamage 3.0 and 11.3 mm x 11.3 mm for the Beamage-4M) and this aperture increases even further for the Beamage-4M-FOCUS – 20.5 mm x 20.5 mm.

The software is carefully designed with the user in mind, with the option for the collected data to be displayed in a 2D, 3D or an XY formats, whichever you prefer. The setup of these devices Is quick and easy. Please contact Laser Lines for any further advice or information.