i-Series Lasers

• Available in Wavelengths 10.6µm and 10.2µm
• Exceptional Beam Quality
• Superior Power Stability
• Field Serviceability
• Lower Power Consumption

Built around a hybrid waveguide/unstable resonator design, the Firestar i401 laser provides 400 watts of near-perfect beam quality from a single tube. Driven by four field-replaceable integrated RF modules the i401 delivers rise and fall times of less than 100μs and with internal beam necessary.

With a best-in-class energy efficiency, up to 23% better than other 400 W lasers, the i401 offers immediate savings on energy costs and its single tube design means the i401 weighs 24% less than competing lasers, this is an important consideration when mounting the laser on moving gantries or robotic motion systems

The exceptional beam quality and excellent power stability of the i401 enables superior cutting of plastics, wood, paper and it really shines when cutting acrylic / PPMA, giving the smoothest possible cut edges.

Other important design features include a pre-aligned output beam, an internal electromechanical shutter for maximum
operator safety when integrated into the user’s control system and a TCP/IP password protected web-based ethernet interface for monitoring operating parameters. This allows diagnostics, troubleshooting and recording of maximum and minimum values for voltage and current, RF module status, temperatures and humidity levels, under voltage, internal tickle status as well as other important running characteristics.

Laser Lines offer alongside the 48-series lasers, advice, applications assistance as well as a large number of optical, electrical and mechanical laser accessories to enable specialist machine builders to design and manufacture high-end solutions.

Output Power (Watts)400
Mode QualityM2 ≤ 1.2
Rise Time / Fall Time<100µs / <100µs
Beam Diameter6.0mm
Beam Divergence2.50mR ± 0.7mrad
Wavelength10.6um, 10.2µm
Power Stability, From Cold±7%
Power Stability, after 3 minutes±5%
PolarisationLinear 45 Degrees
Heat Load (max)6000W
Flow Rate , Water4.0 GPM
Input Current / Voltage48VDC / 125A
Dimensions (mm)1262 x 208 x 318
Weight (kg)59