p-series Lasers

  • Modular Electronics Packages
  • Exceptional Beam Quality
  • Superb Power Stability
  • Low Cost Ownership
  • TCP/IP web-based diagnostics

The p- series lasers have been developed to address the growing requirement for high-speed drilling and perforating.
The increased peak power of these lasers helps decrease the heat affected zone (HAZ) and at the same time enable faster processing, deeper drilling and higher performance in converting applications where clean circular holes are essential.

The p100 is Lighter, has a smaller footprint and has a more compact body size than competing lasers on the market, its versatile design and internal beam conditioning make it an excellent choice for manufacturers and OEMs looking for higher powers in a smaller, easy to handle package.

The p150 outperforms the competition in critical areas, power stability, pulse energy and peak power, with up to 600μs long pulses, fast rise time and compact these performance advantages enable improved cutting of thin steel, plastics, ceramic scribing/drilling as well as a variety of converting applications

The p250 features an industry first, with a typical peak pulse power of 800 watts from a 250 watts of average power laser. Further features include Integrated RF removing the need for large bulky cables, modular electronics for field-based repairs make this the most competitive choice in today’s laser market.

The p400 with a typical peak pulse power of 1kW addresses customer needs for greater versatility, allowing for
faster processing speeds and exceptional beam quality. Combined with high average power and high peak power this laser will deliver superior cut edge quality. The p400 benefits from easier field serviceability with a modular electronics packages and remote monitoring capabilities.

Laser Lines offer alongside the p-series lasers, advice, applications assistance as well as a large number of optical, electrical and mechanical laser accessories to enable specialist machine builders to design and manufacture high-end solutions.

Average Power (Watts)100150250400
Peak Power (Watts)4006008001000
Peak Pulse Energy190 mJ335 mJ600 mJ1 J
Pulse Length600µs600µs1000µs1000µs
Mode QualityM2 ≤ 1.2M2 ≤ 1.2M2 ≤ 1.2M2 ≤ 1.3
Rise Time / Fall Time< 40µs / <100µs< 50µs / <100µs< 60µs / <110µs< 50µs / <100µs
Beam Diameter7.5 ± 1.1mm8.0 ± 1.1mm8.0 ± 1.1mm6.5 ± 1.0mm
Beam Divergence1.8mR  ± 0.4mR1.9mR  ± 0.4mR1.9mR  ± 0.4mR2.5mR  ± 0.6mR
Wavelength10.4µm – 10.7µm10.57µm – 10.63µm10.57µm – 10.63µm10.57µm – 10.63µm
Power Stability, From Cold±7%±6%±5%±7%
Power Stability, From 3 minutes±5%±3%±5%±5%
PolarisationLinear VerticalLinear VerticalLinear HorizontalLinear 45 Degrees
Heat Load (max)2000W3200W4300W8500W
Flow Rate1.5 -2 GPM1-2 GPM3 GPM4 GPM
Input Current / Voltage48VDC / 40A48VDC / 50A48VDC / 90A48VDC / 175A
Dimensions (mm)590 x 132 x 155798 x 132 x 1551252 x 315 x 1981262 x 208 x 316
Weight (kg)13.618.148.512.1