Sisma Systems Products

Within the Sisma range is a collection of solutions for laser welding. Including compact desktop systems through to stand alone multi-axis CNC laser welding workstations, there is a cost effective solution to meet all requirements and a build quality to offered durability and strength.

SISMA LM-D Desktop Welding System

  • Compact desktop manual welding systems with Smart Spot technology for consistent results from start to finish.
  • Ergonomic design with low operating noise
  • ECO Mode function switches system in to standby during idle times, reducing power consumption
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity for loading welding programs and software / firmware updates
  • LM-D Vision and Ready options offer advanced features for visual comfort and access.
  • High 150-210J Maximum Pulse Energy

SISMA LM-B & LM-C Welding Systems

  • Component welding and mould repair system
  • Powered heavy duty worktable with 150 x 150mm movement
  • Smart Spot Technology for consistent results
  • 0.2–2.0mm Variable Spot Size (0.1mm option available))e
  • Fully digital control for accurate diagnostics, higher pulse stability and longer lamp life
  • ECO Mode function to minimise energy wastage through automatic standby.


SISMA SW-A Class IV Laser Welding Systems

  • Class IV System for mould tool maintenance and repair
  • Available in 150W and 300W power options
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Rapid positioning through unique compact head design with fibre optic delivery
  • Tilt and Rotate functions in addition to powered X,Y and Z movements
  • Inclined and circular path welding functions
  • Wide range of options available including rotary welding device


SISMA SW-T Welding System

  • Class I and Class IV Systems for part welding and mould repair / maintenance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy duty sturdy construction
  • Precision movement capabilities with large platform movement table
  • Software add-ons allow full process access, job loading, remote diagnostics and process performance monitoring.
  • Lamp pumped and fibre power options ranging from 100W – 450W
  • Programmable Automated CNC operation option


SISMA SW-S Welding Workstation

  • 3 / 4 Axis CNC welding workstation
  • High accuracy processing due to solid structural design
  • Laser source offers high stability at high and low power alike
  • Integral SISMA HMI intuitive interface with 21” display
  • 25W – 1000W options including lamp pumped and fibre laser options



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