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Industrial Lasers

We sold our first industrial laser marker in 1980 and have never looked back. Laser marking systems remain our biggest selling product category, but in recent years we’ve also significantly grown in laser welding, cladding and micro-machining applications.

Most of our orders traditionally come from the automotive, medical, valve manufacture, automation and autosport industry sectors. However, in recent years we have also been working with universities that develop new materials processing applications, as well as the jewellery and mould tool repair sectors for laser welding equipment.

We work closely with our partner companies and suppliers to give our customers the confidence that they will get exactly what they want from Laser Lines in terms of access to proven laser technologies, our technical expertise and fast-turnaround responsiveness.

In fact, we’ll even help you try before you buy. Our expert team will work with you to process your intended parts on a variety of systems to ensure you end up with the right application for your needs – and with 20-30 per cent of our sales in industrial lasers coming from repeat business, we know this is a valuable facility for our customers. 

To find out more, have a look through our pages listed below, give us a call on 01295 672588 or email us at

Laser Lines Ltd is a member of the Association of Industrial Laser Users.


Access proven laser technologies, technical expertise and fast-turnaround responsiveness

Industrial Lasers

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The leading manufacturer of Dot Peen markers


DPSS, fiber and CO2 laser marking systems.


Diode lasers and accessories


Beam delivery components and process heads.

NOIR Laser

Laser eye protection


Galvanometer based laser beam scanning and deflection systems.


Excimer, DPSS and ultrafast laser micromachining systems.

OR Laser

Pulsed YAG and fiber laser welding systems.


CO2 laser systems for material processing applications.

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