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Gary Broadhead, our Industrial Lasers Group Sales Director, takes a look at the world of micromachining

Laser micromachining uses lasers to ablate, cut, drill, machine or scribe a material with an incredibly high degree of precision. It can make tiny features in parts, micrometres or millimetres in size.

Advances in laser technology mean that laser micromachining is fast becoming the preferred method for many manufacturers and engineers across the world.

The nature of laser micromachining ensures clean edges, with no recast layer or dross. Its versatility makes circular, square and conical holes with positive or negative tapers easy to produce. It is suitable for a variety of materials, such as polymers, ceramics, metals and semiconductors, providing the correct laser wavelength and pulse duration are selected.


We work alongside the market-leader in the design and build of micromachining systems, Optec, to ensure our customers get exactly the right system to meet their needs.

Optec selects the best lasers to suit the requirements of the application, which are then included in their state-of-the-art systems, ranging from small R&D solutions up to full scale production equipment.

Excimer lasers

Two of our most popular Optec solutions are the ProMaster and MicroMaster, both of which employ Excimer lasers for accurate, high resolution results.

The ProMaster is the go-to solution for compact laser micromachining and includes a tabletop laser, alongside precision part positioning and an intuitive interface.

The MicroMaster has all the benefits of the ProMaster but on a larger scale and uses a short pulse Excimer laser to achieve high levels of performance for more demanding applications.

Systems aren’t limited to Excimer laser-based solutions, either, with Optec producing a range of micromachining systems that incorporate ultrafast lasers.

RGL series

For our customers who don’t require a complete system, we work with several partners to provide the best ultrafast lasers suitable for a whole host of micromachining applications.

In particular, the RGL series of lasers from our partner, Photonics Industries, is one of our most popular products for micromachining. Featuring high pulse energy and high repetition rate Picosecond lasers, the RGL series provides variable repetition rates and excellent beam quality, all within a single box design.

At Laser Lines, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements so we can recommend the right solution for their business.

Our industry experience, in combination with the market-leading micromachining systems and stand-alone lasers we offer, mean that the solutions we provide are always the best fit for required applications. Our expertise will add value to your businesses.

For more information on our range of micromachining solutions, contact Gary or one of the team on 01295 672588 or email