Datalogic Fibre Laser Marking Systems

The Datalogic fibre laser marking systems are a diverse and multi-functional range, that include both fixed pulse and MOPA variable pulse technologies, designed to meet demanding and specific marking requirements. Ranging in powers from 10W up to 50W and with the UniQ single unit system also available, this is a trusted and comprehensive range.

  • Arex systems feature an ultra-compact marking head and controller – with a single umbilical cord.
  • All Datalogic Fibre laser marking systems come with an embedded PC as standard, so no separate PC is required..
  • The MOPA option offers the ability to create vivid mark colours (on certain materials), and high contrast, high quality markings – which are not possible with other technologies.
  • The UniQ is the market leading ‘single unit system’, that eliminates the need for cables and makes compact integration in to production lines a quick and easy task.
  • All supplied with featured packed Lighter software.

Datalogic Fibre laser systems are a favourite of the Automotive and Manufacturing industries due to their high levels of performance and reliability. Capable of both high speed and deep marking, the AREX, AREX 400 and UNIQ systems create the most comprehensive range of fibre laser marking options on the market. These are backed up with lengthy warranty options and strong technical support through the Laser Lines technical support team, who have a wealth of knowledge on the capabilities of these systems and on meeting simple and challenging marking applications alike.

Lighter software offers both a simple easy to follow platform for marking programme creation, with integral options for system set-up, configuration and advanced remote management (of single and multiple systems), even remotely using Ethernet TCP/IP. Built in features include local and remote laser diagnostics, local and remote I/O and axis control, local and remote laser test and setup, as well as local and remote ActiveX. Ethernet protocol for easy integration to PLC’s and automation setups, with ‘marking on-the fly’ capability is also included.

These systems are also compatible with the Datalogic MARVIS Mark and Validate software option, that enables automatic validation of marked codes and symbologies, with automated statistic storage and quality recording.

All of these systems are equally at home as a stand alone marking system, or as part of an automated production facility, therefore offering high levels of flexibility for changing production requirements, without the need for constant change.


The AREX range of fibre laser marking systems are powerful simple to programme and simple to use systems that are configured to make them quick and easy to setup, integrate and operate. The AREX systems offer a flexible reliable and cost effective solution to part marking, with the capability to create a permanent indelible high quality marking function directly on to your production line. More

AREX 400

The AREX 400 is a high performance Fibre Laser Marker designed with fast, high quality marking, even in the most difficult working environments. With the smallest scanhead on the market along with a highly robust design the AREX400 is a standout system when small footprint and reliability are key. More


The UNIQ from Datalogic is an innovative and ultra-compact laser marking system. The system is an all-in-one integrated system without the separate scanhead and controller configuration of more traditional systems. More

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