Arex 400 Fibre Laser Marker

Arex-400The AREX 400 is a high performance Fibre Laser Marker designed with fast, high quality marking, even in the most difficult working environments. With the smallest scanhead on the market along with a highly robust design the AREX400 is a standout system when small footprint and reliability are key.

The AREX400 is not only a standout due to its size and reliability, it boasts a whole range of features that set it apart at the forefront of modern fibre laser marking systems including; a powerful integrated PC for fast processing of complicated marking programs, improved heat management for increased efficiency and near silent operating volume. This system now also incorporates the patented Datalogic GREEN SPOT which can be configured to give operator immediate and effective feedback directly on the marking area.

Available in a full range of power options from 10W through to 50W including a 20W MOPA version the AREX400 family has a system to suit every application requirement and throughput speed. The AREX 420MW with MOPA technology allows for greater control of the beam profile and pulse duration, this allows for excellent marking results across a wider range of materials. Making the AREX 420MW the absolute best choice when it comes to fast, accurate and high contrast marking on vastly different materials.

AREX400 Key Features and Benefits

  • Range of powers from 10W to 50W to meet every operational need
  • Smallest scanhead on market for integration into production lines (IP64 rated)
  • Excellent marking quality on metals and plastics, especially with MOPA technology
  • Marking On-the-Fly capable for moving lines
  • A number of modern communication protocols available for PLC integration and control
  • Datalogic GREEN SPOT for immediate visual feedback from marking area

The AREX400 also has full integration with the MARVIS read and verification system and the autofocus range finder, meaning that even off-line systems can be highly automated with minimal operator input required.