Pulsed Laser Welding Systems


The Sisma range of laser welding systems for industrial applications includes manual and automatic systems for repeat processing, welding and repair work, as well as integrateable sources. Based around both lamp pumped and fibre laser technologies.

  • Compact desktop, floorstanding and large workstation options to meet all part size requirements
  • Class I and Class IV laser system configurations
  • Multiple Axis Control (including robotic options)
  • Easy to operate systems with full parameter control
  • Ergonomic compact cost effective solutions

Starting with simple to use manual benchtop systems, including semi-automatic systems, where powered multi-axis movements can be controlled by the operator, through to automatic programmable systems – the Sisma range offers a solution to meet all welding requirements. Integrateable sources also form part of the range.

Ergonomic in design and sturdy in build the systems are quick and easy to use, giving highly consistent results through features such as dynamic speed and pulse control – and smart spot technology for consistent energy delivery from start to finish. The systems work at low operating noise levels and their ECO mode function switches off power to key parts of the system during idle times. USB and Ethernet connectivity allows quick download / upload of welding programs and parameters, software and firmware updates.

See the full range of Sisma systems or select from the list below:


Desktop systems for the laser welding of small parts
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Offer the capability for part welding and mould tool repair
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Large part handling capability with the ease of use of a smaller system
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Welding workstation which offers an automated solution for repeat welding applications
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A moveable solution for performing on-site weld repairs on the largest mould tools, where flexibility and quick setup are required
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