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December 2, 2016

Dan Cort

Cobolt 08-01 series

Best Photonics products for Raman spectroscopy

Dan Cort, technical sales engineer in our Photonics division, looks at our market-leading technologies for Raman spectroscopy

One of the most popular products that comes up in our conversations with customers is Raman spectroscopy. Although the vibrational spectroscopy method itself has been around since the 1930s, technological advances in recent years have led to an increase in demand, with the method gaining traction as an affordable way to get accurate information without destroying samples.

At Laser Lines we are providing customers with more Raman-related instrumentation than ever before. However, it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all when it comes to Raman spectroscopy so we provide customers with a whole range of different solutions to suit specific needs.


The Cobolt 08-01 series is a family of narrow linewidth continuous-wave lasers featuring diode pumped solid state lasers (DPL) alongside narrow linewidth frequency stabilized diode lasers (NLD).

Emitting a high-quality laser beam with very stable characteristics and dependable performance, the Cobolt 08-NLD 785 nm is tailored to meet the specific expectations of manufacturers of high-end Raman spectroscopy instrumentation. The series will be expanded further still with the addition of a 405nm laser in the not-so-distant future.

We also provide a range of lasers from Innovative Photonics Solutions (IPS). Using a unique technology known as wavelength stabilization to assemble a Hybrid ECL (HECL), IPS is able to “lock” the laser to the desired spectral line and shape the spectral output. This makes the lasers ideal for Raman spectroscopy applications due to their ability to provide extremely narrow wavelength sources that remain locked at the desired excitation wavelength regardless of ambient temperature changes, vibrations, back reflections and time.


Iridian’s market-leading filters feature high transmittance (greater than 90% in the pass band), narrow bandwidth (1-3 nm) and excellent blocking from 300 to 1200 nm. They reduce the spectral noise of a laser source and pass only the desired laser wavelength through a steep transition from pass band to deep blocking.

Also, Iridian’s standard laser line filters have full width, half-maximum (FWHM) bandwidths varying from 1-3 nm and better than OD 3 blocking from 300 to 1200 nm outside the passband wavelength region.


raman-spectrometerWe also provide high throughput Raman spectrometers from IS Instruments. Able to operate with a range of detectors, dependent on the user requirements, the 3mm diameter core fibres within the systems provide enormous advantages for users.

Initial trials of IS Instruments’ OEM Raman spectrometer measured the RamanHES 2000 spectra to less than 2 mm depth of a liquid sample in a Pipeline from a distance of 2.5 m. That was only possible due to the high throughput of the spectrometer design.


With a range of Raman technologies on offer, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the right solution to meet their specific needs. By bringing together the best technologies on the market with the combined experience and knowledge of the Laser Lines Photonics team, we know our customers can be assured of optimum results, every time.

For more information on our range of Raman spectroscopy products, contact 01295 672588 or

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