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June 25, 2015

Laser Lines

In Focus: KMLabs

Undoubtedly world leaders in the production of ultrafast lasers, Kapteyn-Murmane Labs offers systems that no other manufacturer has yet been able to rival in terms of speed. Since being founded in 1990, they’ve gone from an unknown entity to supplying ultrafast lasers across the globe. KMLabs was established by Henry Kapteyn and his wife Margaret Murmane, both college professors who run a research facility at the University of Colorado. The duo set about to transition some of their research technology in ultrafast lasers to the commercial world and with it, KMLabs was born.

At Laser Lines, we’ve been working with KMLabs for over six years, supplying and supporting systems to universities, government R&D facilities and a breadth of commercial entities across the UK.

Ultrafast lasers are essentially extremely short flashes of laser light, with pulses that can be as short as 10 femtoseconds (that’s the equivalent 0.00000000000001 of a second). The laser systems deliver energy so efficiently and at such speed that new processes are possible. The super speedy nature allows them to probe delicate structures without destroying them and make modifications to materials on a micro-level. Ultrafast lasers are worked into industrial applications and production systems to enable organisations and R&D facilities to enhance and refine processes. They’re becoming ever important to the industry as this approach to processes is fast beginning to transfer to ‘real world’ applications across industry as a whole.

A relatively high volume application for ultrafast lasers is micromachining which is the process used to produce tiny features in parts, just micrometers or millimetres in size. Ultrafast lasers ablate, cut, drill, machine or scribe a material with an incredibly high degree of precision without heating the workpiece. They’re also fast becoming hugely popular in precision microscope imaging, using multiphoton laser illumination in various forms of microscopy.

Steve Knight, Director of our Photonics division added: “While the competitive landscape for ultrafast lasers continues to grow at lightning speed, both high and lower end KMLabs systems continue to be marketed on their precision, accuracy and speed, looking to further revolutionise how the world uses ultrafast lasers; for progression in production and the advancements they can offer the commercial world through increasing efficiency and maximising output. It’s a really exciting time in the world of ultrafast laser technology.”


Find out more about our KMLabs systems and other Photonics solutions, call Steve and the Laser Lines team on 01295 672 500.

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